About Us

Innovative Healthcare Solutions Designed by Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Professionals.

We are healthcare professionals who design cost-effective web-applications for healthcare professionals. With over 30 years of diverse experience in healthcare delivery from medical, nursing, utilization and case management, discharge planning, insurance authorizations, claims processing, healthcare business and IT analysis our team is uniquely qualified to identify process integration issues which continue to challenge the industry.

Our products do not replace EHR/EMR systems but rather provide "process oriented tools' in the form of affordable web-applications that connect all healthcare entities such as hospitals, insurers, self-funded plans, IPAs, ACOs, HMOs and ambulance companies to each other. While EHR/EMR systems record, store and share "stagnant" data our systems unite all of these disconnected entities (in and out-of-networks) and automate communications and processes between them.

We identified "gaps" in EHRs that do not address timely notifications of ER or physician visits, hospital admissions, benefit/eligibility status, exchange of out-of-network members between hospitals or networks or include insurer information/interactions as care is taking place. Our web systems provide a secure, shared platform wherein healthcare service interventions are successfully accomplished between these disconnected entities.

Med-Rok™'s systems communicate the actions and results of these automated processes with current EHR/EMRs with HL7 contributing to the collection of consolidated information. In addition, the use of our web-applications save healthcare service providers, insurers and members significant healthcare funds while processes are occurring.... in real-time.

Expensive data entry, storage and sharing of information does not provide real-time intervention. Real-time solutions provide immediate lower costs while improving quality of healthcare delivery. Med-Rok™ Systems, affordable, effective, action-oriented, real-time solutions.