What is AdmitScan™?

Member Admission Notification to Insurers and Automatic Repatriation System

AdmitScan™ is a Provisionally Patented web application which provides real-time notifications about patients admissions to insurers and also automates the repatriation from out-of-network to network hospital. AdmitScan™ provides:

  • Unique, De-identified Member QR code
  • Hospital ER or Admitting Department Securely Scan QR code
  • Instant Notification of Admission to
    • Insurers
      • Large Networks
      • Self-Funded
      • ACOs
      • HMOs
    • Independent Physician Associations(IPAs)
    • Third-Party Administrators(TPAs)
  • Provides On-site Benefit & Eligibility Status
  • Electronic Matching of Out-of-Network members to Network Facilities and Services
  • Online Communication of Patient Transfer Acceptance
  • Contracted Ambulance Booking with Pre-Authorization

AdmitScan™ can also be used to notify IPAs of physician office visits while providing on-site benefit views to assist the provider and member regarding responsible decisions in utilizing resources. AdmitScan™ can streamline the workforce requirement while significantly improving efficiency.