Benefits of using AdmitScan™


  • Decreased denials
  • Improved timely UM reviews/interventions
  • Increased success of repatriations
  • Decreased Registration and UM workforce expense
  • Higher hospital referrals and revenue
  • Easier ambulance booking
  • Decreased appeal and revenue retrieval workforce
  • Improved patient satisfaction surveys

    Insurers / Payers / Self-funded Groups / ACOs / HMOs

  • Decreased intake center workforce expense
  • Improved timely UM reviews/interventions
  • Decreased length of stay
  • Decreased appeal and legal issues
  • Improved network retention & sustains network resources
  • Allows for appropriate out-of-network member services
  • Provides oversight of repatriation efforts
  • Accurate identification of primary or secondary payer status
  • Improved insurer & provider relationships
  • Improved member satisfaction & retention

    Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)

  • Decreased intake center workforce expense
  • Improved timely UM reviews/interventions
  • Decreased appeal and legal issues
  • Improved Physician Network use
  • Reduced IPA repatriation efforts or responsibility


    Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

  • Provides accurate admission information
  • Decreased benefit quoting customer service workforce
  • Improved Claims processing
  • Enhanced TPA ability to provide client cost savings
  • Higher client acquisitions
  • Successful client retention

    Ambulance Companies

  • Higher referral rates
  • Decreased workforce to obtain retroactive insurer authorizations
  • Decreased denials, appeals & delayed reimbursements
  • Accurate assessment of service and transport requirements
  • Improved utilization of fleet and staff
  • Online documented communications of confirmation or cancellation

    Members / Patients

  • Accurate information of out-of-network costs
  • Decreased co-pays and/or balance billing costs
  • Optimization of out-of-pocket cost
  • Assistance to return to cost-effective network facility or services
  • Cost-effective assignment or referral to IPA network physician
  • Improved member satisfaction